What in the World Is a QR Code and Why Would I Want One?

Maybe you have never heard any discussion about QR codes and most likely never even thought about them but QR codes are an incredible innovation which are just now starting to expand in their use.

When the barcode was introduced back in the 1970’s people quickly latched onto their usefulness and over the years bar codes have become ubiquitous. Every product in every supermarket is coded with bar codes and thus every checkout need only scan it and the item data is recorded as a sale. This of course enables the checkout slip to detail what was bought as well as the buyers to see the daily turnover of products so they can plan their re-stocking.

When one catches an airplane one’s luggage gets bar coded which enables the item to be scanned by the automated baggage sorter making sure it goes to the correct flight. One’s passport is bar coded, if you are admitted to hospital a bracelet with a bar code will probably be attached to your wrist and so on. Universal Product Code is one of the systems of Bar coding but everyone can create their own so that on one’s own system that bar code is readable.

The draw backs with bar codes are that they typically can only carry a limited amount of data (typically 20 characters) and they need special readers to scan them. create QR Code

Since about 1996 a new coding system started being used known as the Quick Response Code (QR Code) it is much more than a bar code and its uses are only just beginning to roll out. It is a 2 dimensional matrix code that can hold a lot more data. In addition it does not really require a special reader as any camera attached to a PC with the decoding software can rapidly read the code.

One of the most useful modern uses is that the recognition software will automatically recognize a QR code, scan it and direct the device to a website where the data for that code is kept. So if you embed a QR code on a bill board the camera may recognize it and decode the data rapidly presenting the reader with all the data (Up to 7,000 characters) on that code.

A popular example is a piece of guerrilla advertising by a famous lingerie chain which has billboards showing models with a QR code strategically placed. Many smart phones will automatically scan that code, go to the website and see those models without the code, in addition, now that they are on the site they might be inclined to browse.

And the qr code generator software is now freely available and being rolled out. For any number of uses that businesses have, from unique product code identities including the history of that product, who it was sold to and when its validity or guarantee expires and so on.

It is estimate that in June last year 14 million QR codes in the US were scanned and more than half of those were via a Smartphone. The more one thinks about it the greater the use that a QR code generator can be put to.


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