Important Aspects Of Pinball Repair

Pinball machines have been around for some time. They have been a great source of entertainment for young people and adults alike. Some even take it to the next level and have world competitions for some pinball games. As they are getting older maintenance is an issue and you may need to learn about pinball repair. Find out how to take proper care of them.

The first thing you need to know it a machines voltage. They can hold very high voltages that may be deadly. This high level can remain even after being unplugged. Therefore it is important to make sure the machine is unplugged and let it sit for several minutes in the on position to assure voltage has run out. Some of the cleaning solutions are equally dangerous and should only be used in a circulated area.

A pinball machine has two areas, the play field and back box. Also, there are two categories, SS solid state and EM elctro-mechanical machines. Make sure you read up on both types. In order to get started on repairs you will need to know what type and model your machine is. If it is SS get the MPU as well. Make note to have operating manuals and repair manuals available. Before turning your machine on check the fuses to make sure they are properly installed.

Regular maintenance is required to keep in check and maintain value. You will need a few things to do this. For maintenance get q-tips and isopropyl alcohol, never use rubbing alcohol. Tools you will need include a screwdriver, needle nose pliers, Allen wrench, sandpaper or flex stone, nut driver set, volt meter, and light bulbs. Cleaners should be specified pinball cleaners number two or number three, also you may need tree wax or carnauba wax.

The play field is the main part of the game. You will need to keep dirt or anything that obstruct or slow down playing out. To get to this part you need to open the machine and remove the cover glass. Use cleaner in small amounts for the play field. It should be waxed on regular basis to help prevent wear and it will also make the game faster.

The flippers are a major part. They are easy to repair though. You can go to any pinball part supplies store to get the mechanics you need. Rubber rings on the filed have a tenancy to become hard and crack. In this case pick up as many as you need at the store.

There a few accessories you are going to need and possibly replace. Batteries are number one. SS machines use batteries to keep memory score. If they are not replaced they can leak fluid that will destroy the circuit board. You should change them yearly. Light bulbs also burn out and will need to be replaced. Be sure to turn off power before attempting to change them. Back glass must be maintained to prevent chips or flakes from dropping onto the playing field.

The most often cause of Used pinball machines for sale that doesn’t work are the fuses. Many times in an older machine a wrong fuse will be installed. There are three types of fuses time delay, fast acting, and extremely fast acting. You should always use the correct value. If your machine still does not work you may want to take it to a trained pinball repair person.

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