Easy to Follow, Step By Step Pig Roast Techniques

During certain celebrations, the best meat to cook is pork because it makes the occasion unique and worth enjoying as well. There are several techniques on how to make a pig roast but there is one unique method that cannot be compared to others.

The ideal way to do this is by using a pig roaster. This is a device used for a cooking any type of meat, especially a whole hog, the Cuban style in less than four hours.

This is a very popular way of cooking due to the aroma and taste it provides. People from all over the world want to know the overall procedure entailed in doing it.

Before anything else, prepare all the ingredients.

– roasting box

– knife

– potholders

– watch

– matches/ lighter fluid

– self light charcoal

– whole hog that is gutted and dressed for cooking


– Make sure you have marinated the pig first at least a day before for optimal results. pig roast nj

– To begin the roasting process, lock the two wire racks using the included S hooks. Then, lift the hog and place it in the middle of these racks (skin facing down) with the handles facing out.

– Next, position the drip pan on the base of the box. Put the pig into the box above the drip pan.

– Set the ash pan over the box and secure it using the grill grid tray. Distribute your desired charcoal on top of this. (Note: Never use instant coal.)

– You can now light the charcoal (you may apply lighter fluid first). Your cooking time begins now. Write the time down and pay attention to this since this will affect the flavor of your pig roast.

– Once your initial coal has burnt after an hour, you can add some more charcoal over the existing ones. You may do this again up to three times in the entire roasting procedure. The amount of coal you will add and the intervals depend on the roasting box or model you are using.

– Holding the handles, remove the grid tray from the top of the box. Caution: It is vital that you put on some protective gloves or durable, thick potholders before doing this. Place these on top of the box’s handles.